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Amazing Banner Exchange Script Features

Softbiz Banner Exchange script Enables you to run extensive banner exchange network site. Visitors exchange banner displays with each other and you can earn heavily by selling surplus banner impressions that site automatically generates.

Banner Exchange Script can help you EARN CASH + GAIN FREE TRAFFIC + FREE ADVERTISING even if you run this banner exchange service as a free service.

For advertisers, it provides real time stats about their banner display which enables them to know what is working and what is not. PLUS it so easily integrates into any existing live site.

Fully Customizable colors

Fully customizable colors and graphics

Automatic ad exchange

Fully automatic system by which users can exchange banners and earn free traffic. Users get credits for showing ads and spend them to get their ad shown,

Transfer credits

Script gives option to transfer banner display credits between campaigns

You can sell impressions also

You as administrator can also sell surplus impressions earn cash directly

Unlimited campaigns and banners

Supports multiple campaigns, multiple banners per campaign and multiple size banners

Extensive stats

Extensive real time stats

Auto-generation of surplus impressions

Script automatically generates surplus impressions, which you as webmaster can sell or use to get FREE TRAFFIC for your website.

Bonus ad click credits

Provision for bonus for clicks on banners. So, a clicked banner may mean equal to five banner displays. This prompts users to show banners in premium locations.

Major advantages of our script

Cash generator

Generate Cash by selling surplus impressions

Free traffic generator

Get free traffic by offering this as a free service to other webmasters

Converts popularity into revenues

Converts popularity of your site into revenues

Advertiser experience

Give great experience to advertisers and webmasters

Lifetime free advertising

Advertise your products/services free continuously.

Optimize your web space

Let Webmasters know that they can advertise with you

Multiple campaigns

Support for multiple campaigns for each member

Multiple banners

Support for multiple banners for each campaign

Multiple sizes

Multiple size banner support

Transfer credits

Save and transfer credits between campaigns

Real time statistics

Real time statistics, detailed statistic for each campaign

Unlimited website categories

Unlimited number of admin controlled categories

Bonus ad click credits

Members can get bonus impressions for click on their pages, so they are concerned to add the banner exchange code to a prominent place

Sponsored banners

Sponsored banners - possibility to sell banner impressions and/or clicks

Preserve impressions

Members can stop showing their banners to save impressions for more intensive campaign

Extensive stats

Extensive stats

Signup bonus

Member signup bonus scheme

Payment gateways

Secure server integration for payment (Paypal)

Front End Features

Quick signup
Login and password retrieval
Option to maintain member profile
Manage Campaigns [ Add / Edit / Activate / Deactivate / Remove]
Manage Banners [Add / Change / Remove / Set relative weightage]
Buy paid impressions
Cut, Copy, Paste code to display banners on his site.
Transfer credits between different campaigns.
Option to earn credits from one campaign and spend it on other campaign
Extensive stats e.g. impressions, Clicks, click ratios, Daily, monthly, yearly etc.
All stats are real time.
Banner sizes are admin defined
Purchase of banner impressions through secure gateway
Total record of purchased impression
Colors of whole interface can be changed through Admin panel
Very easy to integrate in any running site
Administrator can create and save different color schemes

Admin End Features

Password protected admin area
Add/Edit/Delete member profile
Add/Edit/Delete campaigns
Configure signup bonus scheme for members
Keyword based search facility for members
Configure various site parameters
Enable/Disable automatic approvals of campaigns / banners.
Set which type of domains are allowed to participate in banner exchange
Ban certain sites or members with certain email addresses from using the site
View campaigns that are waiting for admin approval
View latest campaigns and disable them in case the need arises
Admin can add free impressions to any account.
Admin can take impressions from any account.
Admin set up banner dimensions
Admin set up exchange ratio
Admin can add/edit/delete different packages for members to buy banner impressions.
Extensive stats
Configure site settings like banners displayed per page, approval type for banners etc
Full control over color scheme
Configure Header/Footer of the script
Configurable auto generated emails with email templates.
Cleanup routines to remove unused banners in one go
Member wise transaction listing with add/edit/delete options
Configure different banner sizes allowed
Option to email all advertisers or a particular advertiser
Define, save and reuse color schemes and styles for the script front end

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