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Amazing Car Classifieds Script Features

Car Classified script is the best-seller userd cars script which is perfect for your high-end automobile classifieds website. Powerful feature set combined with premium design & feel.

Premium design

Great premium looks. Script comes with great looks and animated premium dealers &featured cars. Perfect for vehicls ads website.

Premium features

Featured video ads and multiple browsing options like browse by location, makes, year, body style etc.

Extreme SEO

Extreme SEO (search engine optimized). Gets you great search engine placement and free traffic.

Zip code distance search

Zip code distance search & Google Maps support. Buyers can look for vehicle on sale near their own location. E.g. they can look for say BMWs within a radius of 50 miles from their place.

WYSIWYG for entering vehicle info

Choice of Multiple WYSIWYG Editors. WYSIWYG editor makes ad posting very very easy for users.

Video Ads and Youtube support

Video Car Ads. Youtube video support. Thus run video ads with ZERO bandwidth costs. Sellers can put up videos of their vehicles.

Vehicle Photo gallery

Photo gallery with each vehicle listing. It is wonderful for your sellers as it creates great looking ads..

Localization features

Localize your website. You can enable specific countries & regions for your autos portal.

More features of Car Classifieds Script

Perfect meta-tags

Separate set of meta-keywords, meta-description & <TITLE> tag content for each car listing.

Keyword rich URLs

URL rewriting for every car listing, make/model, location etc. Pushes your site up the search engines.

Great earning opportunities

10 + great earning opportunities make auto classifieds script special. See all revenue streams of our used cars script below.

Profitable options

Even if you run a free car classifieds portal then also you can earn big with charges to post video ads, images, bold/featured, home featured animated ads etc.

Payment gateways

Auto classifieds script comes pre-integrated with many payment options like Paypal, 2checkout,, e-gold and offline payments.

Powerful admin panel

Power packed automobile classified script admin panel with 500+ configurable options.

Configurable options

You can define your own Car Makes, models, locations, vehicle body styles, vehicle types etc. in our auto classified script.

Full control

You have full control over all the member profiles and all listings that are posted on website.

Internal messaging system

Full Internal messaging system with inbox, outbox, contact list, block list etc. Perfect communication tool for buyers and sellers.

Security features

Lots of security features like Captcha SPAM protection, MD5 Encrypted passwords etc.

Database backup script

ONE-CLICK database backup utility. So, you are always on the safe side. Use script with full peace of mind.

Language translatable

So, you translate all text strings form one language file. Db data comes as entered. So, run the script in English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Arabic etc.

FREE Technical Support

FREE Technical Support , just in case you feel stuck with something.

Revenue streams in vehicle classifieds script

Car posting fee

Ad posting fees in car classifieds script

Bold automobile ads

Earn more from bold/featured, home featured ads, animated ads etc.

Home page vehicles

Earn more from home page featured and video featured ads.

Vehicle photo gallery

Charge for photo posting or video posting. E.g. 3 photos free and then $10 per 5 photos.

Bulk selling packs

Create bulk advertising packages e.g. post 5 vehicles for sale $100.

Ad publishing

Ad publishing system to post banner ads, text ads on your cars website.

Google ad publishing

You can also show google ads on your site to earn big. Vehicle classifieds script has full ad publishing system with text/banner ad support.

SEO features

By virtue of SEO features car classified script generates amazing amount of free traffic from search engines. You can use it to promote your other services and products.

Extension vehicle ads

You can earn further by extension of classifieds that have already expired. In our vehicles script, you can charge a per day extension fee for this.

Possible uses of used cars script

Dedicated Vehicles portal

Launch dedicated car / automobile ads portal and tap full potential of this cars script.

Free car classifieds website

Launch a free automobile sale / purchase portal and earn by posting ads like google ads.

Vehicle trading platform

Use automobile trading platform to bring new users to your site and thus expand their existing business.

Promote your items

Many of our clients use car classifieds script to promote their own products.

Traffic generation tool

Generate a lot of traffic for their site by creating a lot of search engine friendly content.

Enhance your portals value

This in turn increases value of your web site in the eyes of search engines and gives your site a big boost.

SEO features of Automobile Classified script

Search engine visibility

Outstanding search engine visibility for all listing pages as well as make, model, location pages.

Keyword rich listing URLs

URL rewriting (using apache mod_rewrite module) for all car classified pages.

Optimal Car makes pages

URL rewriting of all car make pages, car style pages, for amazing search engine visibility for all these sections.

SEO of other sections

URL rewriting of all car manufacturing years, classified locations, car classes etc. for great SEO of website.

Wise use of <TITLE> tag

Separate <TITLE>, meta-description and meta-keywords for each and every vehicle listed on your site.

Super charged SEO

All these super charged SEO Features make our script unique and best auto classified script.

Front End Features

Brilliant design & great premium looks
Liquid expandable design
Fits brilliantly into many different resolutions
Animated premium dealers on car classifieds script home page
Featured automobile ads on cars website home page.
Featured video ads on vehicle classified script home page.
Browsing vehicles by location
Browse cars by make and model
Browse vehicles by year of manufacturing
View vehicles of a particular class
E.g. Coupes , Hatchbacks , Sedans , SUVs, trucks etc.
Vehicle classifieds script has extreme SEO features.
Gets great search engine placement and free traffic.
Quick search
Zip code radius search (US zip codes)
Google Maps support.
Buyers can look for vehicle posted from near by locations
Video Car Ads (youtube support)
Great looking car details page for each ad.
Photo gallery with each vehicle listing
Localize site and enable specific locations for your site
WYSIWYG area for posting automobiles on car classifieds portal.
Many premium ad placement options
Bold ads, featured ads
Home featured ads
Animated home page ads
Animated premium car dealers
Auto classifieds script supports photo ads
Photo gallery with every listing
Multiple payment gateways
Accept credit cards, bank transfer and offline payments
Your automobiles website will supports Paypal & 2checkout, e-gold and off-line payments
Full ad publishing features
Banners and text ads
Affiliate ad codes also supported
Google ads are also supported
Great buyer/seller communication tool
Message Inbox / outbox
Contact list and block list
Captcha protection on external forms
Password protected member area
MD5 encryption for passwords
One click database backup
Front end language translatable
Automatic email verification
Dynamic thumbnailing
Email alerts at appropriate times
Real time stats
Attach maps with ads

Admin End Features

Power packed script admin panel
500+ configurable parameters
Full control over all Vehicle listings
Define your own Car Makes
Set vehicle types, body styles etc.
Manage Engine types, class etc.
Manage Doors, vehicles colors, drive type etc.
Manage member profiles
Edit / remove/ suspend / un suspend members
Database back up utility
Set captcha display
Regenerate image thumbnails
Site stats and recent activity stats (real time)
Define additional fields for listings
Cleanup routines
Clean unused images, icons and old listings
Admin area password change
Manage site parameters
Upload logo for your used cars site
Set max ad duration for auto classifieds script
Set number of free images
Set number of free videos
Set google map parameters
Manage layout parameters
Upload vehicle classifieds website logo
Manage image thumbnail widths
Define any number of icons sets
Set active icon set for used cars script
Configure site parameters
Set SEO parameters
Set site keywords, meta-data, meta-description etc
Enable URL rewriting
Set seo directory paths
Set state wise SEO parameters
Set contents of all outgoing mails
Enable/disable emails
Send HTML / plain text mails
Set results per page for search
Set max. image upload size
On /off sign up email verification
Dynamic image thumbnailing
Watermark listing images (automatic)
Define usage terms and policy texts
Get .htaccess code (URL rewriting)
Offer signup bonus
Set payment gateway parameters
E.g. paypal email id etc.
Set vehicle posting fees
Find listing by keyword
Accept / reject vehicle ads
Manage members
Mark premium vehicle dealers
Manage all financial transactions
Add / deduct funds from member account
Check /edit/ remove member messages
Check user feedback (contact us form)
Used cars script has in-built ad manager
Create any number of ad slots
Unlimited ads are supported
Add text ads in car classified script
Add banner or google ads
And much more with cars script

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