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+Q: What kind of experience you have. Can I trust your skills?

We have an experience of powering 10,000+ web sites for over 10 years now. We have been improving our scripts for last 10 years. You can be very sure that they are extensively tested, very sound and reliable scripts.

+Q: What sort of guarantees you offer?

We offer 100% guarantee. You will be provided 100% working script as shown in our online demo. If you find any bug, we will correct it free of cost.

+Q: After I buy the software, how long can I use it?

Forever. All scripts come with lifetime license.

+Q: Are there any recurring costs?

No. You pay for script once and use it for ever.

+Q: How do I install the scripts? Will you install it for me? What will you charge?

All scripts come with installation instructions. If you face any problem, we will install it FREE OF COST.

+Q: What happens after I place the order?

We will process the order and send you the script or install it within 24 hours.

+Q: How long the installation takes?

We will do it within 24 hours.

+Q: Do you offer FREE Technical Support?

Yes, we provide Full FREE support for all our products.

+Q: What are server requirements for your php scripts?

Our scripts require PHP, MySQL, ioncube ,Imagemagick and gd lib (Optional) and Apache mod_rewrite. Almost all top hosts support these. You can see a list of the leading web hosting companies that support all these here.

+Q:Do you provide customization services?

We have a team of technical experts which can handle all your customization requirements. You can get quote for customization work here. We also provide custom design creation and integration service. We also integrate templates.

+Q:Can I purchase script now and use it for some time and then request changes later?

Yes. We are always available for you.

+Q: Where can i find EULA?

You, can find EULA here.

+Q: Do you provide scripts in other languages?

Yes. Most of our scripts have language translatability. You can refer to details page of respective scripts for this.

+Q: What about updates or fixes? Are they free?

It is 100% FREE. We offer 100% guarantee. If you find any bug in the script, we will correct it immediately, free of cost.;