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Amazing Lowest Unique Bid Script Features

#1 LOWEST UNIQUE BID SCRIPT. 150 + amazing features. 100% FREE INSTALLATION. 1,000+ clients. Earn BIG! with lowest unique bid script. DOWNLOAD TODAY. Lowest unique bid auction script is a BEST solution to run your lowest unique bid auction site. It is an amazing concept by which users can get stuff worth thousands of dollars for just a few dollars. This is such a lucrative model for buyers. Buyers just love it. That is why this single concept is empowering thousands of websites around the globe. Now you can run your own unique bid auction script for a tiny price. We provide FREE installation service. So, once you buy lowest unique bid script we will set it up for you so that you can start selling by posting items directly thru admin panel of lowest bid auction script.

Get this winner unique bid auction script and give your online business the great great success!!

How Lowest Bid Auction Script Works?


Let us say you put up an item worth $100 on auction.


Users pay say $1 for posting a bid. They can bid any amount like say $1.25, $4.56 etc.


After you get say, 100 bids, you earn $100 (as each bid costs $1).


At this stage you close auction and the person making lowest unique bid (e.g. say $1.49) gets the item for that price.


This way winner gets item worth $100 for a very small price.


And you as webmaster can make huge profits in terms of Bid placing costs.


This whole contact is a WIN-WIN situation for all.


This concept of selling scripts has great entertainment value. So, users love it... VERY LOW PRICES + GREAT FUN

Oustanding features of Lowest Unique Bid Script

Unlimited products

Put unlimited products for auction simultaneously in lowest unique bid script.

Unlimited categories

Create unlimited categories / subcategories to organize all products.

Advanced search

Advanced search to find products easily.

Admin defined fields

You can define additional fields for products e.g. size, color, company etc.

CSV Multiple Product Uploads

You can upload multiple products in one go using CSV file.

One click category import

You can import your category structure into unique bid auction script.

Clutter free

Clutter free & user friendly layout along with beautiful design.


100% FREE INSTALLATION. We will install it free of cost so that you start selling right away.

Powerful admin panel

Powerful admin panel for easy website management.

Youtube videos

Support for video ads via Youtube.

Video Gallery with each product

You can attach any number of videos with each product.

Photo Gallery with each product

Photo gallery with each product (with unlimited images).

Tell a friend feature

Tell a friend feature for free and fast viral promotion of website.

Client Testimonials section

Client Testimonial display on home page to enhance user confidence.

Recently sold items

Recently sold item section to let buyers know how others got amazing items for pennies.

Featured products section

Featured products and featured product videos on home page.

In-built Newsletters script

Support for website newsletter.

Post multiple bids in one go

Convenient interface to post multiple bids in one go. This increases your revenue.

Payment gateways

Members can pay for bids and products via paypal.

Full bids tracking

Members can easily keep track of bids they placed and pay for items they won.

Full control over content

Full control over all content posted on unique bids portal.

SPAM protection

Lowest unique bid script has inbuilt SPAM protection by text captcha.

Unlimited language files

Unlimited language files can be enabled for the script front end.

Included language files

6 FREE machine translated language files included. (Cool base for translation to your language)

Language files

Spanish, French, German, Greek, and Dutch machine translated files along with English language file.

FREE Technical Support + Installation

FREE Technical Support , just in case you feel stuck with something.

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