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Amazing PHP News Script Features

PHP NEWS SCRIPT is an amazing publishing tool to assist webmasters to add a very good looking News Section on their web site. The key advantage is that it gives very ENRICHING EXPERIENCE to your visitors. Once you install it, you can then define categories and post articles into those categories thru WYSIWYG interface in the admin panel. Visitors can then post comments for each article and discuss them. You have Full Control over the web site content. Plus there is very good ANTI-SPAM mechanism to avoid spam robot comment submissions. All in all it has everything you can look for in a publish news script. Do not trust our word, just check full online demo of both front end and back end to judge for yourself the sheer quality difference in our script. Plus it does not cut your pocket :-).

Why I MUST use this news script on my web site?

Today the biggest online traffic generators are search engines like google. And every site needs quality traffic. The amount of traffic coming from search engines is critical for any online venture. Amount of search engine traffic you get can simply make or break your online business. You just cannot compensate for it thru any paid traffic. To get traffic from these search engines, key components are:

A) good content and
B) its presentation in a search engine friendly manner.

Basically our publish news script solves this part of the jigsaw puzzle. It is a search engine friendly way of sharing quality info with your visitors. We believe this software forms a key component of your SUPURHIT WEBSITE !!.

Eye-catchy design

It comes with a very attractive pre-integrated design (BTW, we also provide customization service to integrate html design of your choice)

Powerful admin panel

Feature packed admin panel to publish and manage news articles

Photos with news items

Image posting with each article or news article.

Discussion Forum

In-built Discussion Forum with each news item

Tell a friend feature

In-built Tell A Friend feature for all news items


In-built Glossary of terms used all through the script

RSS Feeds

Automatically created RSS Feeds to bring more traffic to your site via feed readers.

Super SEO

Amazing Search Engine Optimization Features make this script very special

More superhit features of PHP News Script

Highly interactive script

It gives them a very interactive experience at your web site

My Favourites

Cookie based Favorites management (No login required for visitors!)

Social bookmarking

In-built Social bookmarking script

Subscription system

Subscription based mail alerts

Related Items

Automatic calculation or related items

Multilevel Categories

Arrangement of all articles in a multilevel structure of categories

Quick search

Very effective Keyword based search

Multiple features

Options like print, refer to friends, add to favorites etc

Web stats

Extensive stats

Configurable E-mail templates

All outgoing emails are directly configurable from admin panel

Full control

Admin has Full Control over the content

Clean up routines

Clean up routines from long term usage perspective

Why not get started?

WHEN YOU GET ALL THIS AT SUCH LOW PRICE, why settle for something less?

Great applications and benefits of this script

Great Time Saver

Great Time Saving tool for webmasters (in managing site content)

Provide instant information

Provide instant quality information to users

Increase sales

Increase your conversion/sales top content publishing script

Publishing tool

PHP news script is a perfect information publishing tool

SEO Tool

As a search engine optimization tool which makes it a top PHP News publishing system

Hook visitors

Tool to hook visitors to your site, by providing great content

Enriching experience

Enriching the user experience by use of publish news script

More user-friendly

Make your web site more user friendly and smart.

SEO features of PHP News Script

Search engine visibility

Great search engine visibility of article pages and category pages

Keyword rick URLs

URL rewriting (using apache mod_rewrite module) for all item details pages along with separate meta tags

Hierarchical category URLs

URL rewriting of all category pages in a multi level hierarchical manner for better Search Engine Visibility

Better visibility in search engines

SEO optimized to provide you better visibility in search engines (using separate meta tags for each article and category)

Smart meta-tags

Separate TITLE, meta description and meta keywords etc. for each news and category

Front End Features

Top quality pre-integrated designs
Keyword based search of news item
Advanced options in search E.g. Any Word, All Words and Phrase Match
Option to limit search to specific category
Multi-level hierarchical categories with category browsing
Top ten items appear on the home page
URL rewriting for all categories and article pages
Separate SEO title, page name, page TITLE , meta-keywords, meta-description for each article
Separate SEO title, page TITLE , meta-keywords, meta-description for categories
Discussion forum for each article, where visitors can post their comments
Additional options like print, refer to a friend etc
Printer friendly version of all published news
Item viewing stats, posted on info etc shown along side it
Show Related items along with the article
Glossary section with words and definitions
Unlimited Social book marking options
Subscription Mail alerts when new item is posted in a specific category
Contact Us form allows your visitors to contact you
Captcha on Post Comment form to minimize spam.
Captcha on Contact us form to minimize spam.
Captcha on Refer to Friend form to minimize spam.
Captchas can be switched ON / OFF admin panel

Admin End Features

Extensive usage stats are shown in admin panel like: Total categories / questions / comments Total Views etc.
Total categories / questions / comments
Total Views / Prints and referrals of each item
Most popular articles from different perspectives
Latest comments added to PHP news
Latest user queries
Stats management and provision to reset counters like view counter, email counter, print counter etc.
Post news along with specific information like: TITLE SEO Title, Keywords, Description, SEO URL
SEO URL to be shown in location bar
Edit/Delete articles in the publishing script
Search all items in the php news script
Browse items with link to comments posted
Manages comments (Add / Edit / Approve) posted by visitors for articles
View unapproved comments
View / print / refer news item options
Manage multi-level hierarchical categories
Create categories and subcategories along with SEO data
SEO URL to be shown in location bar
Edit / Delete categories (with checks to avoid deletion of non-empty categories)
Shift news from one category to another in one go
Manage user comments posted from contact us form
Delete user queries/comments
Manage glossary of words
Glossary words per page is configurable
Cleanup section to remove unused images
Manage share link (social book marking) section for social book marking of pages
RSS feeds for latest posts
Category specific RSS Feed
Automatic calculation of related items
Define your own multiple icon sets
Set which icon set to use on the front end out of available icon sets
Manage all site icons from the admin panel like category icon, news icon, RSS feed icon etc.
Set posts to be shown per page in front end
Enable / disable comment approval (by admin) for each comment posted
Enable/Disable Captcha from front end forms in news publishing script
Set active icon set for news script front end
Enable / disable SEO features
Define site Meta Keywords and Meta description
Set extension for rewritten URLs for news and script categories
Set Search Engine Optimization Page name for various pages
Script Provides text to be copied to .htaccess file for URL rewriting
Configure all emails
Php news script sends following emails at various times in news publishing script
Subscriber notification email
You can switch ON/OFF all these emails from admin panel of the news script
You can also set HTML email mode ON/OFF in admin panel
Mails can be sent in Plain text or as HTML email in our news script

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