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Amazing FAQ Script Features

FAQ script (PHP FAQ Script) is a feature packed and complete PHP script to create your Search engine Optimized (SEO) Web site FAQ section. Our FAQ section script provides valuable information to your visitors in a very organized manner. FAQ section script also makes the info visible to search engines. Script enhances user experience and also helps gain more visitors. So, it enhances your web site with double advantage.

NOTE: FAQ section script (PHP FAQ Script) offers you UNBELIEVABLE customizability with ability to change Colors, Fonts, Icons, Graphics of your site directly from your admin panel.

Unlimited script

Support for Unlimited FAQ entries i.e. questions

WYSIWIG editor

WYSIWIG editor for posting very well formatted Answer with support for HTML CODE.

Multilevel categorization

Multilevel categorization of questions for convenient browsing

SEO optimized

SEO optimized to provide you better visibility in search engines (using separate meta tags for each question and each FAQ category)

Discussion board with each FAQ

Separate discussion board with each Question.

Attachments with articles

ADD ATTACHMENTS option to uploads files with questions.

FAQ Ratings

Rating system for rating info usability

High security

ENCRYPTED PASSWORDS for admin area for higher security

More and more features of PHP FAQ Script

Contact us system

Post Query Option for visitors to post their question to site admin


Captcha Image verification on forms to avoid spam

Fully customizable

FULLY customizable site colors and graphics

Highly configurable

Parameters are highly configurable through admin panel

Meta tag usage

Great ability to have separate title, description, keywords etc. for each question and question category

Rich URLs

URL rewriting (using apache mod_rewrite module) for all the questions and categories

Smart search

Quick search for information

Lots more features

And lot more...You can see Full feature list here. And all this packed into one script for a tiny cost.

Multiple uses and benefits of PHP FAQ Software

Dedicated information portal

Run dedicated information portal and tap great earning opportunity by running ads

Traffic puller

Run as information publishing tool to drive more traffic for your site

Support system

Use as ONLINE SUPPORT platform for other products / other sites

Advertising platform

Use knowledge base script for advertising your items

Information enthusiasts

Online platform for enthusiasts looking for information

SEO Tool

Use it as search engine optimization (SEO) Tool

Hook visitors

Hook visitors to your site by providing QUALITY INFORMATION

User experience

Enhance experience of your visitors

Enhance friendliness

Make your web site more user friendly

How I earn from your PHP FAQ Software?

Ads publishing

Publish ads on your site

Advertise products

Advertise your products and increase product awareness

SEO tool

Knowledge base script can be used as an SEO & traffic generation tool

Traffic generator

Use the traffic generated by the script to earn more

SEO features of FAQ Script

SE visibility

Great search engine visibility of  Questions and Category pages

Unique meta tags

URL rewriting (using apache mod_rewrite module) for all Question Details page along with separate meta tags

Hierarchical URLs

URL rewriting of all Category pages in a multi level hierarchical manner

Smart meta tags

SEO optimized using separate meta tags for each Question and category

<TITLE> tags advantage

Separate TITLE, meta description and meta keywords etc. for FAQ Entry and FAQ category

Front End Features

Completely configurable site colors, icons and graphics directly from admin panel
Knowledge base script has support for UNLIMITED Color Schemes and Icon Sets .
You as admin can make any color scheme or icon set active at any time from the admin panel.
Predefined color schemes are also included.
You can define your own color schemes as well.
Categorization of questions into multilevel hierarchical categories for easy browsing & efficient management
Front page display for most popular questions
FAQ section script sends email alerts at appropriate times
FAQ Rating system for rating info usability
Post attachment with the questions
Option to Post Query to admin
Captcha Image verification on forms to avoid spam
Quick search for information (Keyword based)
Admin configurable Site Header and Footer
HTML formatted questions that can be posted thru WYSIWYG Editor
Refer Knowledge base Article to a Friend
View Print friendly version of Article
View Question Related Stats
View related Questions in your FAQ

Admin End Features

Extensive usage stats related to questions
Keyword Based Quick Search
Create new categories, along with SEO URL text, meta keywords, description, Title etc.
Create UNLIMITED level of sub categories along with separate SEO URL text, META keywords, META description, <TITLE> etc.
Edit existing categories and subcategories
Proper checks to avoid accidental deletion of NON EMPTY categories
Remove categories
Shift Questions from one Category to another in one go.
Full control over color scheme (directly from admin panel)
Create / Edit / Save UNLIMITED color schemes
Some predefined color schemes are also included
Fully customizable graphic elements (directly from admin panel)
Create / Edit / Save UNLIMITED icon sets
Highly configurable site parameters.
Set active color scheme
Set active Icon Set for PHP FAQ Software
Enable/Disable URL rewriting
Set web site Meta Keywords and Meta description
Configure SEO Texts and enable related parameters
Configure contents of all outgoing emails
System sends various emails at appropriate times
GET CODE to put in .htaccess file for URL rewriting
Question management console
Add / Edit / Remove / Disable Questions.
Set auto approval ON/OFF for user comments on articles
Define related Questions in FAQ software
WYSIWYG editor for posting questions
Post Attachments for Questions
View / Edit Question Stats
Reset Counters
User Questions and Queries Management Console
Interface to reply to user queries
Admin replies can be stored in FAQ database also
User Comment management console
View Approved and Unapproved User Comments
Edit / Delete Comments
Edit FAQ Section Header / Footer

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