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PHP Scripts -

Softbiz provides you high quality PHP scripts / PHP Software at rates that are far below our competitors. Our solutions have been empowering webmasters to start their new profitable online ventures (web based businesses) or to transform their existing ventures into profitable ones. We have scripts to enable you to start many different profitable web sites with ease. We provide wide range of ready PHP websites like auction script, job board software, classifieds script, shop script, dating script, ad manager and many more. Get the best php scripts Today!

Key attributes of the PHP scripts we provide are:

  • Focus on profitability of your website
  • amazing potential to form base of big websites
  • In ready to use shape
  • easy to install and use.
  • ease of the end users of your site
  • Our PHP tools are amazingly low priced


Which kind of sites I can start with your solutions?

  • B2B (business to business) Portal
  • Job Board portal
  • Auctions website
  • Online Classified ads website
  • Recipes portal
  • Online store or shopping cart site
  • New paper or articles web site
  • Resource repository site
  • Link Directory web site
  • Banner Exchange web site
  • Web hosting Directory site
  • PPC Search Engine site
  • Photo gallery site
  • Jokes and funny pictures site
  • We also develop custom websites as per your requirements.

What add-ons do you have to help me with my existing web site?

  • Banner ads management script - Turn your visitors into cash
  • Reciprocal links script - Increase your website's link popularity
  • FAQ section / Knowledge base script - Keep your visitors informed and Save time
  • Automatic link Checker script - Save time you spend on tracking your link partners
  • News section - to publish website news.

How can you provide all these amazing tools for so low prices?

This is due to the popularity of these tools. We make profit not by selling individual scripts at high price but by selling a lot of scripts. High volume of our sales covers our costs and provides fair enough profits.

BIG PLUS for us is that by this approach, our clients keep coming back to us for more and more scripts.

AND you get scripts at great prices.

BTW, what experience does Softbiz have to create reliable solutions for me?

Scripts from softbiz have been powering thousands of sites around the globe. We have been developing and improving our script for over 10 year now !

No business can survive this long without reliable software, friendly & committed support and firmness to do the best for the clients.

Why should I trust Softbiz for all my PHP scripting needs? What I get when I buy scripts here?

  • Top Quality scripts.
  • A wide verity of scripts
  • Friendly and 100% committed support
  • Full online demo of all the scripts.
  • Script .customization service to tweak scripts as per your needs.
  • 100% FREE Script Installation service.
  • 100% SECURE buying thru secure payment system using credit card, debit card or paypal.
  • FREE Technical support to assist you in making best use of our scripts.
  • Amazing earning potential of our scripts we provide.
  • Scripts are prices in such a way that you can launch high end website at lowest possible costs without any quality compromise.


What Our Clients Say?
I was looking for just a classifieds program and found this Auctions PLUS Script from This program combines both the auction and classifieds together! Another surprise was that it also has a built in feature where your users can create their own store. Very very affordable. I have found others that did the same thing but at a cost of $999 or more!!! Easy installation and support is great. They are fast and responsive. I can not say enough good things about this program

-Faheem Eric Pedron
Utah, United States

I have recently purchased this script but did not realize that it was written for USA Customers, with USA States and other parochial information. I contacted Softbiz scripts and they edited the php code to suit the Australian Market. I was impressed with their professionalism and willingness to meet our needs at no additional cost. I have no hesitation in recommending

-Brent Butcher
Victoria, Australia
Thought we would let you know about the positive comments we have received regarding our site. Employers and job seekers are impressed with the look of the site, the ease of use and the many customer friendly features . Thanks also for your help (on a holiday weekend) in the implementation of an additional feature to the site. We are extra-ordinarily happy with the results.

- Jill,
Indianapolis, United States


I just purchased their classified script. I had a little trouble figuring out how to make it work. I sent an e-mail to support and within a few hours they had it working perfectly. Thank you!!!

-RIchard Oakley
North Dakota, United States


Here are few of our latest SEO PHP SCRIPTS / PHP SOFTWARE

Job board script
JOB BOARD SOFTWARE is great tool to launch your jobs portal (job board site). Features like job posting, resume search, online resume, uploaded resumes, online application for jobs, job search, job alerts etc make it SPECIAL. We believe its the best job board software.
dating script Online Dating Software
: $125
Online DATING SOFTWARE helps you launch High end dating site (online dating site). It has inbuilt Gift Shop and Cart system. It adds to the great earning potential. You will love the features and ease of use of our dating scripts.
classifieds script Classifieds Script Software 
: $99  
Top Classifieds software / Classifieds script with multitudes of earning opportunities. Features like define category specific additional fields, color customizability, search engine visibility of all listings and lot more make our classified scripts special.
auction script
Our online auctions software supports simple Auction, Dutch Auction, Classified Ads, Fixed Price Items. So, launch your BIG Auctions portal TODAY! The search engine visibility of all listings make this auction software a super success!
Directory Script Article Directory Software
: $79
SEO Article Directory Software is wonderful tool for your articles site or blog. You can publish articles, discuss article, rate them, maintain favorite list etc. Plus great search engine visibility.
Photo Gallery Script Php Photo Gallery 
: $35  
Php Photo Gallery is a simple software that helps you create a search engine friendly photo gallery. You can use it as an independent site or add it to your existing site's photo gallery section.
Link Exchange Script Link Exchange Software
: $29
Link Exchange software enables you to invite visitors to exchange link with your site. It is an automatic linking tool with link validator included in it. This PHP tool can be crucial to success of your website with its enhanced SEO features.
shopping cart script PHP Shopping Cart Software
: $99
SEO Shopping Cart software is for your online web shop. Its flexibility and ability to add special attributes like Color, Size etc to the products (for which buyers can then choose value e.g. Red, Black) make it stand above other shop scripts.
Directory script PHP Directory Software 
: $49  
SEO PHP Directory Software is super tool for your Link Directory or resource directory portal. Provisions like support for unlimited editors, resources, categories and subcategories make this php tool special.

And and few more of our php scripts:

Classified ads script
Run your own classifieds site with this feature packed script. Great earning opportunities for webmasters come through paid features like bold, highlighted, featured and gallery ads.
auctions script Auctions Script
: $49
Start a great auction site with this PHP script. Members can run paid or free auctions. Also supports Dutch auctions, classifieds, fixed priced items etc.
banner exchange script Banner Exchange Script
: $45 
Run your site to facilitate banner exchange advertising with this php script. Members exchange banners free and you can earn by selling surplus impressions.
link directory script
Ad manager
: $55 (plus edition)
Ad manager is perfect script to manage ads on your site. You can use ad manager (plus edition) to post unlimited banner and text ads. Advertisers can pay you fees thru paypal. Ad manger is best ad management script.
banner ad management script Banner Ad Management Script
: $21 
Start running banner ads on your site with this PHP script and convert visitors into cash. Advertisers can buy banner impressions via paypal. Highly automated script.
faq script FAQ Script
: $19
Configurable, multidimensional and feature packed FAQ script to quickly add FAQ Section to your site. Great tool for any web site. Makes faq section management really easy.

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